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Bag End Decor

If you're decorating the whole house hobbit style:
Kitchen utensils should be handmade, or have the look, heavy hand turned pottery, wooden bowls, maybe a couple of carved utensils to hang on the wall. Display any iron skillets or teapots. Show off what stored food you can, i.e. canned vegetables in glass jars, fruit on the table, or herbs hanging from the ceiling.
Decorate with needlecrafts, handwritten genealogy charts (the only form of book learning most hobbits will acknowledge!), or Elvish
calligraphy if you're a Baggins. Look for original or reproduction folk art portraits of people who look hobbity, or paint your own.
Window boxes are great.
There seem to be very little painted surfaces, so go natural wook finish, only, be alert for splinters! Bare floors with area rugs covering stone, brick or wood floors. If you're feeling really hobbity, try a pressed earth floor. THAT'll give you the 'down in a hole feeling'!
For walls, try an aged whitewash/plaster color, which would vary from cream to gold.
If you don't have a fireplace or woodburning stove, you can always faux finish one on your wall. A little paint goes a long way.
Remember, comfort first. If it isn't comfortable first, it isn't Hobbitish. And don't forget the pipes!

  Note the aged buttery yellow walls, lots of wood paneling, and 'stocky' furniture. The floor may be clay tiles or inlaid wood, not sure.

Bag End parlor

  Now the walls appear to be a cream shade. Note the portraits and candle sconces in the background.

  Inclined writing desk. Book stands. Rug is quite interesting. Mayhap a braided rug? Play with the look on your own desk by adding 'ink wells' and 'feather pens'. Look for old books or those great book boxes. Very useful for storage. Looks to be a trunk in the background next to the woodpile. Would be a great room to model after. Cozy office with Middle Earth maps and genealogy.

Frodo writing journal.
This is the same study as Bilbo's in the Extended FotR, only MUCH cleaner.

Photos obtained from www.quintessentialwebsites.com/lordoftherings